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Flat but Fragile: How to Pack Your Flat Screen TV for a Move without Breaking It

by Natalie Adams

Moving furniture to a new home poses many challenges. The scratches, scrapes, and bumps can all add up to leave your furniture looking less than new. However, when moving electronic appliances like laptops and flat screen TVs, a scratch, scrape, or bump could spell the end for your treasured tech. If you, like other Aussies, watch an average of 96 hours and 58 minutes of TV per month, learning how to pack and move your flat screen TV safely will save you a lot of potential heartache.

They don't make 'em like they used to

Remember those CRT (cathode-ray tube) TV sets with the heavy screens and bulky backs on them? The larger the screen, the bigger they were and the more people it took to carry them. However, those old TVs were also far more solid and sturdier than modern day flat screen TVs.

While flat screen TVs, whether plasma, DLP, or LCD, might produce an infinitely greater cinematographic experience, they are also much more fragile. Plasma screens especially, are easily broken and one crack could leave you without your beloved TV at your new home.

How to correctly pack your flat screen TV for a move

First and foremost, you need to know how to handle the TV as you prepare it for packing. Be sure to make sure you share this information with those who are helping you pack the TV. No matter if your flat screen is plasma, DLP, or LCD, you should avoid touching the screen. Certainly do not pick it up with one hand pressed against the screen. This will lead to scratches and could even break the glass holding the plasma cells in place. If that happens, it's the end of the road for your TV.

Next, you will need the packing materials. Use a soft towel, blanket, or a pair of soft pillows to cushion the screen. Do not lay the TV flat as you pack it. This could damage the inner components. Keeping your chosen screen cushions in place, wrap the TV in your softest blanket or several soft towels. Secure them tightly with tape. You should now have a blanket wrapped around a layer of pillows, blankets, or towels protecting your screen. Then add a layer or two of bubble wrap, and for good measure add one more blanket. Seal it with tape, clearly label it for your movers, and make sure your movers place it upright on the moving truck.

As long as you pack and move your flat screen TV this way, you shouldn't have to worry about it breaking mid-transit. Inform your removalists in advance and again when they arrive and they will be extra vigilant when moving it from your old home to your new home.