Instructing a Real Estate Broker

Two Tips for People Who Want to Purchase Residential Properties

by Natalie Adams

Here are two tips for those who want to buy residential properties.

They should let the real estate agency know how much of their budget they can devote to post-purchase renovations

Anyone who'd like to purchase a home should let their real estate agency know how much of their budget they can use for post-purchase renovations. This information will influence which properties the real estate agency suggests that this person views. If for example, the person needs to spend the vast majority of their budget on the property itself, then they need to ensure that any property they look at is ready to live in, and already has most, if not all of the features that they personally need in their home.

They might, for example, need a certain number of plug sockets in the kitchen or living room for their many gadgets, so they wouldn't need to hire an electrician to add extra sockets after the property purchase. They might also need to ensure that the property's roof, doors and locks, windows and other basic features are not too old, so they won't need to get repairs done to these areas soon after buying and moving into the property. Similarly, they might need to specify that they only want to be shown homes with low-maintenance gardens that are not overgrown, so they won't have to fork out for expensive gardening equipment or incur the cost of having to pay a landscaper to tidy up the property exterior. If the person is crystal clear about their post-purchase renovation budget when they're having discussions with the real estate agency staff, the latter will be better placed to arrange viewings for properties that are truly suitable for that client.

They should instruct the real estate agency to ask sellers if any extras are included in the property purchase

Those who want to buy a home should also instruct the real estate agency they're working with to ask property sellers if there are any extras included in the property purchase. Some sellers will, for example, decide to include large appliances like their fridge freezers, washing machines and cookers in the purchase, but may not remember to emphasise this when a real estate agency tells them a client wants to view their property.

If a person who's shopping for their next home knows that, for example, out of the three similarly-priced and sized properties they like in their chosen area, only one includes extras such as high-quality kitchen appliances, then they might decide not to waste any more time doing additional viewings of the other two properties, and might instead opt for the one that comes with these extras that make it better value for money.

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