Instructing a Real Estate Broker

  • Two Tips for People Who Want to Purchase Residential Properties

    21 March 2023

    Here are two tips for those who want to buy residential properties. They should let the real estate agency know how much of their budget they can devote to post-purchase renovations Anyone who'd like to purchase a home should let their real estate agency know how much of their budget they can use for post-purchase renovations. This information will influence which properties the real estate agency suggests that this person views.

  • Real Estate Investment Tips

    27 April 2022

    Have you contemplated investing in the real estate industry? It is an easy way to build your wealth and investment portfolio. However, several precautions must be made to protect your investment and ensure its profitability. Read this blog for some insights.  Examine The Current Trends It is usual to cast your sights on a particular investment. For example, it could be that you plan to invest in residential or commercial real estate.

  • Insights to help you buy and rent out the right investment property

    2 June 2021

    A rental property can provide you with a passive income to help pay for the cost of the property, especially when you get it for a great deal and rental rates in your area are strong. But before you go out and buy a rental property, be sure to follow some recommended tips to ensure your rental property is a success as an investment. Here are some recommendations to help you buy and manage a successful investment property.

  • How A Conveyancer Can Help With Property Conveyancing

    14 July 2020

    Buying a piece of property is a sensitive issue that requires you to exercise extreme caution. It's easy for you to overlook crucial legal guidelines or to misinterpret the terms in a contract of sale. This is the reason it's advisable to involve a conveyancer throughout the process of property conveyancing. Here are some of the crucial roles of a property conveyancer. Help With Legal Formalities One of the fundamental roles of a conveyancer is to prepare the legal documents for a real estate transaction.

  • Two Potential Reasons Why Your Home Hasn't Sold Yet

    28 December 2018

    If your home is on the market and you're confused as to why it has not sold yet, here are some potential reasons why potential buyers are not expressing any interest in it. The appearance of your next-door neighbour's property is putting people off Your real estate agent has probably explained to you that in order to sell your home as quickly as possible, you must ensure that it has plenty of kerb appeal (i.

  • Don't Overlook These Important Advantages of a Retirement Home

    27 June 2017

    If your parents are becoming elderly and need to decide if they should remain in their own home or move to a retirement home, you want to weigh these options carefully. Many elderly persons prefer to stay in their own home, but there are many advantages of a retirement home to consider. Note a few of those here so you and your parents can make the best decision regarding their living arrangements.

  • Tips and Tricks for First Time Buyers

    20 June 2017

    While there was once a time when Australian properties were flying off the shelves, recent evidence demonstrates how the property market is slowing down. This means now's the chance for first-time buyers to dip their toes in the water. If you're new to the property world, there are a few ways to maximise your first experience: Create a budget from the moment you consider buying From the deposit through to your monthly costs, the financial implications of buying a property are far-reaching.

  • Important Inspections and Checks When Buying an Older Home

    8 June 2017

    If you're buying an older home, it becomes even more important to have the structure, framework, and other such features checked and inspected carefully. A homeowner may have updated some interior features and performed some cosmetic work to make an older home look newer, but this doesn't mean the home's structure is necessarily solid or in good repair! Consider some important inspections and checks you'll want to consider when buying an older home, and why these are so vitally important.

  • Giving Up the Smashed Avocado Toast for Your Home Deposit

    31 May 2017

    There is a lot of media coverage about the issues with saving for a house deposit in the current market. It can seem like giving up smashed avocado toast is not enough to make a difference on your housing budget, but small differences can pack a big punch. Here are some ideas to help you get into your new home earlier.  Give up the avocado toast (and extra coffees) If you can take an extra $50 out of your weekly budget by cutting avocado toast and a few coffees, not only will it be a little easier to save for your house deposit, but you will also be able to afford a higher mortgage payment.