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Why You Should Call A Locksmith To Improve The Security Of Your Business Premises

by Natalie Adams

Some business owners think that the only reason they would ever need a commercial locksmith is that they have suffered a break-in and their locks need to be changed. Although this is a common reason to call upon the professional services of a qualified locksmith, it is by no means the only one. Many business owners now benefit from the security expertise that a professional can afford them. How can a locksmith in your area help you to make your business premises more secure?

Multi-Layered Security

One of the key aspects of a locksmiths work these days is to provide additional layers of security. Although you might have the main lock to the main entrance of your business premises, this should not be the only security system you have in place. For example, the external area of your business might have its access controlled via a gate with a padlock. Elsewhere, a conventional tumbler locker might be used to only allow warranted access to buildings. However, inside your business premises, you may want even more security in certain areas, such as the boardroom or the managing director's office. A lock expert will be able to provide you with suitable locking mechanisms for such areas and even fuller security to protect important documents, such as lockable filing cabinets or safes.

Modern Access Control Systems

As well as multi-layered security options, a good locksmith will be able to install suitable security technology that is much more flexible than old-fashioned key locks can ever afford. These days, plenty of business premises have contemporary access control systems which make use of software rather than physical locks to function effectively. If you issue all of your employees with swipe cards to get in and out of your business premises, then their access rights can be awarded and rescinded with just a click or two of a mouse using the right software system. This is extremely beneficial if you have lots of people coming and going at your headquarters. What's more, anyone who is fired won't be able to duplicate their key and use it to get in. All you have to do is to render their swipe card useless and they don't even have to return it.

Windows and Other Points of Entry

Although many locksmiths are called out to deal with door locks, they are equally adept at handling the locking mechanisms of windows as well. All too often, commercial premises can be susceptible to break-ins via their windows. A professional with locking mechanisms will be able to assess the security of all of the potential access points to your place of work, including its windows, and fit products accordingly. In fact, fitting better locks in all of these places should help to lower your business insurance costs each year since premiums tend to drop when they have been installed.