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Security Screen Doors: A Guide to Buying the Perfect One

by Natalie Adams

We've all been in the situation where it's hot and stuffy, and all you want is to leave the front door open to let in a cool breeze. However, this could be an invitation to intruders and crooks to come into your apartment or home. What do you do to solve this misery? You could secure a security door to let in light and fresh air while still preventing intruders from peeping through.

The fact remains that, while this might still offer some level of security, some doors are still penetrable. The installation process is also a major concern. Attaching the security door to a week door frame can also reduce the effectiveness of its performance. Get some crunch knowledge on how to get the right security door for your home that will offer you security, light and fresh air.

What type of security screen do you specifically need?

The type of security door depends on how much security you need. The look and appearance of the door is also a concern, since the designs vary in the market. If you live in a neighbourhood that is prone to break-ins, you may consider steel doors reinforced with strong steel grille. If you only need an appearance of maximum security while still keeping intruders out, a sturdy aluminium door is all you need. If a simple flee screen will do well for you, then go for light aluminium, as this will suffice.

What should you look for?

Security screen doors have been designed with different combinations of features. To avoid going for something that will only secure you against flees, you must ensure that the door meets the required regulatory standards in your country.

What kind of door frame do you need?

The door frame can either be aluminium or steel. Professionals in the construction industry suggest that steel doors, if properly constructed from initial stages and installed, are the most reliable security screen doors. If it meets the required regulatory standards, it is able to avoid corrosion its entire life. Aluminium on the other side is less prone to corrosion that steel frames.

All frames should be designed with deep receiver channels for the steel or aluminium grille system to prevent the edge sides from being loose. You must ensure that the joints between the receiver channel and the main part of the frame is sturdy enough for the security screen door to remain strong.